The PH of Your Shampoo so Important for Healthy Hair

PH of shampoo may seem complicated but it is actually very easy to understand when you know these few facts.
You remember learning about pH (potential Hydrogen) levels from science in school. The same pH levels you learned about are important when it comes to healthy hair. If you wish to maintain the health of your hair it is essential to know how pH levels in shampoo can affect it.
Here is a few things about the pH Scale
Understanding pH levels is fairly easy. However, many people don’t know that shampoos have varying levels that can affect the health of your hair. It also doesn’t help that many shampoos don’t list pH levels on the back of bottles.
Here are the basics:
The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 with 7 being “neutral”. The lower numbers (0-6) are considered more acidic and the higher numbers (8-14) are more alkaline. The amount of hydrogen in a solution determines whether it is more acidic or alkaline. The higher the pH level the worst the shampoo is for your hair. The best pH level for shampoo is between 5 and 7.
Why does the pH level matter for healthy hair?
Hair consists of tiny shafts which are made up of scales, called cuticles. Water and alkaline-based hair products cause these scales to open, causing the interior of the hair shafts to be exposed. Ideally, you want to close this cuticle to protect it from harmful elements. To do this you want to choose a slightly acidic shampoo to close the cuticle and help the hair shaft retain moisture.
When you dye your hair, the colouring opens up the cuticle so the colour absorbs completely into the cortex (interior of the hair shaft).To help stop the hair from drying out, your scalp naturally produces oil with slightly acidic pH to close the hair shafts. However, frequent colouring can result in your scalp producing too much oil, leaving your hair greasy. A pH-balanced shampoo not only helps keep cuticles closed but prevents the scalp from producing too much oil after treating your hair. After all, oily hair is the last thing you expect to have after treatment.
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